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Staff Contacts

Rogers Ranch staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage.

Grade Level/ Area Name Room Phone Extension Email Address
Principal Timothy Thomas  Office 3700
Assistant Principal Asia Glover Office 3700
Secretary Susan Cortez Office 3701
Attendance Clerk Yani Morales  Office 3703
Receptionist Cristina Carsoso  Office 3700
Health Associate  Cynthia Brito  Office 3706
Psychologist  Dr. Eileen Rigdon A107 3707
Counselor Maria Hansen-Quine A108 3708
Kindergarten Leticia Amil C123 3746
Kindergarten Erika Vegas C126 3748
Kindergarten Kimberly Long C127 3749
Kindergarten Michelle Seals C125 3747
1st Grade Caitlin Seay C134 3754
1st Grade Patricia Steely C132 3753
1st Grade Rebecca Ponce C135 3755
1st Grade Kristi Pederson C131 3752
2nd Grade Danielle Shafer C130 3751
2nd Grade Abigail Storkel C129 3750
2nd Grade Kerry Alway C143 3758
2nd Grade Derrick Parks C144 3759
3rd Grade Jacquedda Valadez C117 3744
3rd Grade Ebony Burnett C116 3743
3rd Grade Brittany Adair C115 3742
3rd Grade Sonya Arellano C102 3735
4th Grade Michelle Headley D230 3778
4th Grade Anna Lopez D231 3779
4th Grade Alasha Weibley D228 3777
4th Grade Corina Guerrero-Sanchez D227 3781
5th Grade Victoria West D225 3774
5th Grade Greg Noone D223 3772
5th Grade Savannah Lee D226 3775
5th Grade Sadie Redfern D224 3773
6th Grade Sheela Harris-Larkins D221 3770
6th Grade Sylvia Vasquez D237 3782
6th Grade Jason Gonzalez D238 3783
7th Grade Math Gabriel Zermeno D215 3768
7th Grade Science Sherman Coleman D216 3769
7th Grade Language Arts William Kolmel D203 3761
7th Grade Social Studies Amanda Diaz D202 3760
8th Grade Math James Flowers D214 3767
8th Grade Social Studies Stephanie Jones D209 3763
8th Grade Language Arts Kianna Buckner D208 3762
8th Grade Science Kala Bambard D213 3766
Art Olivia Autenrieth C114 3741
Band Emilio Gonzalez B103 3731
Library Liz Fritts A130 3709
Music Tina Mong B104 3732
Computer Lab Terry Snow C118 3745
PE Peter Stern B112 B 3734
PE Paul Gretkierewicz B112 A 3733
Gifted Rowe Van Meter C104 3737
Self Contained Jessica Fatina  C109 3738
Self Contained Joni Peterson C111 3739
Resource K-3 Terry Gonzalez C140 3756
Resource 6-8 Robert Jacobson-Duteil  C236 3780
Resource 3-5 Elizabeth Hernandez C141 3740