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Staff Contacts

Rogers Ranch staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage.

Grade Level/ Area Name Room Phone Extension Email Address
Principal Timothy Thomas  Office 3700 Tthomas2@laveeneld.org
Assistant Principal Asia Glover Office 3700 aglover@laveeneld.org
Secretary Susan Cortez Office 3701 scortez2@laveeneld.org
Attendance Clerk Margarita Contreras  Office 3703 mcontreras@laveeneld.org
Receptionist Elizabeth Armijo  Office 3700 earmijo@laveeneld.org
Health Associate  Office 3706
Psychologist  Dr. Eileen Rigdon A107 3707 erigdon@laveeneld.org
Counselor William Ali A108 3708 wali@laveeneld.org
Counselor A106 3711
Kindergarten Leticia Amil C123 3746 LAmil@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten Erika Vegas C126 3748 evegas@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten Kimberly Long C127 3749 KLong@laveeneld.org
Kindergarten Michelle Seals C125 3747 MSeals@laveeneld.org
1st Grade Caitlin Seay C134 3754 cseay2@laveeneld.org
1st Grade Patricia Steely C132 3753 psteely@laveeneld.org
1st Grade Rebecca Ponce C135 3755 rponce@laveeneld.org
1st Grade Kristi Pederson C131 3752 kpederson@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Danielle Shafer C130 3751 DShafer@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Abigail Storkel C129 3750 AStorkel@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Kerry Alway C143 3758 KAlway@laveeneld.org
2nd Grade Derrick Parks C144 3759 DParks@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Jacquedda Valdez C117 3744 JValdez@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Gabriel Zermeno C116 3743 gzermeno@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Brittany Adair C115 3742 BAdair@laveeneld.org
3rd Grade Erin Scagnelli C102 3735 escagnelli@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Michelle Headley D230 3778 MHeadley@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Anna Lopez D231 3779 alopez@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Alasha Weibley D228 3777 aweibley@laveeneld.org
4th Grade Jessica Gomez D227 3781 jgomez2@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Shalane Harris D225 3774 sharris@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Greg Noone D223 3772 GNoone@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Megan Zasada D226 3775 MZasada@laveeneld.org
5th Grade Danielle Lamb D224 3773 DLamb@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Sheela Harris-Larkins D221 3770 SHarrislarkins@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Sylvia Vasquez D237 3782 SVasquez@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Marsha Salazar D222 3771 MSalazar@laveeneld.org
6th Grade Scott Redfern D238 3783 sredfern@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Math Christine Nordman D215 3768 cnordman@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Science Daniel Jackson D216 3769 DJackson@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Language Arts William Kolmel D203 3761 WKolmel@laveeneld.org
7th Grade Social Studies Michael Scagnelli D202 3760 mscagnelli@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Math James Flowers D214 3767 jflowers@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Social Studies Peter Stern D209 3763 PStern@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Language Arts Kianna Buckner D208 3762 kbuckner@laveeneld.org
8th Grade Science Kala Bambard D213 3766 kbambard@laveeneld.org
Art Olivia Autenrieth C114 3741 OAutenrieth@laveeneld.org
Band Emilio Gonzalez B103 3731 EGonzalez@laveeneld.org
Library Liz Fritts A130 3709 efritts@laveeneld.org
Music Tina Mong B104 3732 TMong@laveeneld.org
Computer Lab Terry Snow C118 3745 TSnow@laveeneld.org
PE Jayson Blaine B112 B 3734 jblaine@laveeneld.org
PE Paul Gretkierewicz B112 A 3733 PGretkierewicz@laveeneld.org
Gifted Rowe Van Meter C104 3737 rvanmeter@laveeneld.org
Self Contained Jessica Fatina  C109 3738 JFatina@laveeneld.org
Self Contained Joni Peterson C111 3739 JPeterson@laveeneld.org
Resource K-2 Terry Gonzalez C141 3740 tgonzalez@laveeneld.org
Resource 3-5 Sarah Chunnui  C140 3756 schunnui@laveeneld.org
Resource 6-8 Herman Edelson C236 3780 hedleson@laveeneld.org